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Welcome to the NEHER Group, your experienced partner for high-quality precision tools. With over three decades of expertise, we offer customized special tools made of PCD, CVD, CBN and solid carbide. Our solutions, from customized special tools to versatile standard options, optimize manufacturing processes for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Discover our innovative solutions for every application and requirement. In particular, we encountered demanding challenges when machining large bores with diameters of up to 300 mm, such as those found in electric motor housings. To reduce the weight of the tools, NEHER is increasingly relying on additive manufacturing. Our specially developed tools also enable reliable machining of structural and long parts.

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Frequently asked questions

Precision tools are highly specialized tools used in the manufacturing industry to carry out high-precision work on materials such as metal, plastics or wood. These tools are characterized by their extraordinary accuracy, repeatability and quality. They are often used in areas such as precision mechanics, medical technology or aerospace, where exact dimensions and high quality standards are of crucial importance.

Standard tools are commonly available tools that are used for a wide range of applications and tasks in various industries. These tools are typically not specialized in their design and functionality, but are versatile. Examples of standard tools include screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, saws and drills. They are generally easy to obtain, inexpensive and suitable for everyday repairs, construction work or DIY projects.

Special tools are custom-made tools that are developed for individual or unique requirements. In contrast to standard tools, special tools are customized and tailored to specific applications. These tools are often used when standard solutions are not sufficient to machine certain materials or to produce special geometries. Custom tools can take a variety of forms, including special milling cutters, cutting tools or precision fixtures designed for unique manufacturing processes.

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