About us and our company

The “NEHER” name in metal machining and woodworking is synonymous with high quality custom PCD tools that optimise the production process of gearbox and steering casings, motor blocks and cylinder heads. Also, we have evolved into a system provider offering not only PCD and CVD tools, but also an overall package containing clamping fixtures, conveyors, lifters and leak test systems for the parts machined. We offer an extended product portfolio right up to leak testing – and much more!

Our philosophy

Who we are!

The founder of our company, Fritz Neher, set up his company on the pillars of his ability and experience. Innovation was always of particular importance to him. And we still identify ourselves with this spirit from the beginnings. We do not stick with traditions, but use them as drive for our daily work activities. We have grown together with our location, and identify ourselves by and with the rural site. After all, Swabians are known for their untiring inventive genius. Solving special problems in the production facilities at our customers is particularly important to us.

What we want to achieve!

We want to be a fixed part of the order portfolios of our customers in the long term. Post-sales service is just as important here as providing expert advice at the customer site. It is particularly important for us to see our customers fully satisfied with our products all the time. This enables us to achieve growth and familiarity on the market, enabling us to enjoy more responsible growth. Furthermore, we are looking to gradually raise our profile in the domestic and global markets.

How we will achieve it

Gradual internationalisation will start with comprehensive market research. Afterwards the appropriate channels into the market will be evaluated. Our greatest resource is and remains our workforce. The linking of new and current expert knowledge and experience is possible with regular training. It is particularly important to us during this process that we do not lose sight of the customer needs – that ultimately represent the basis for our success.

What sets us apart

What differentiates us is a unique mixture of impeccable customer service and flexibility, as well as loyalty to the region. We are based in Germany, not far from Lake Constance. This is where our products come from and where our employees work. Our commitment to our employees also sets us apart. Not only because every member of the company management team is able to call everybody by their name, but also because all furtherment of a professional nature is supported and encouraged. But it is the solving of specific customer problems that makes us a top performer in business. Our size and flexibility mean we are able to act speedily.

What sets us apart from other companies!

Our prominent selling point is speedy delivery. Efficient decision-making processes mean we are able to react incredibly flexibly to customer requirements and enquiries. Also, we train our next generations ourselves. This means young people from the local area will have the opportunity to work in the place they live, and yet at a modern company. These key traits also have their origin in the embedded “NEHER spirit”, that unites us and that can be found at the company.

Sustainability and social commitment

We strive at all times to create sustainable values and to operate in a sustainable manner. We take very seriously our responsibility towards quality, ecology, the economy and social commitment. Sustainability and social responsibility have been the cornerstones of our corporate culture since the very beginning.

NEHER Group Gebäude

Sustainable electricity

We generate our own power with solar panels on the company roof.


From Ostrach into the world

We enable our employees to work at a regional yet international company.


Sponsoring Neher Arena

We support the clubs
from the region.

NEHER Group Weiterbildungen

Further education

We promote all levels of training
at our site.


Foundation KBZO

The thought of giving opportunities continues with our social commitment at the KBZO foundation (physical handicap centre in Upper Swabia)

NEHER Group Soziales Engagement

Children's hospice

and the St. Nikolaus children's hospice in Bad Grönenbach.

Facts and figures

Company formation
NEHER 1990 Firmengründung

In 1990 Fritz Neher founded „NEHER Diamantwerkzeuge“ as an one-man business. The beginning of the successful family and company story took place in the parental mill in Ostrach-Einhart.

10 years NEHER
10 Jahre NEHER

Fritz Neher built a new 600 square meters office and production building for the growing number of now 10 employees.

Business handover
NEHER 2006 Geschäftsübergabe

Gerd Neher officially takes over the businesses of his father Fritz Neher.

New building
NEHER 2008 Anbau

Another production hall with around 1800 square meters is built. The number of employees increase to 30 People.

Automation solutions

NEHER GROUP has become the first and only tool supplier worldwide that can offer its customers the design and manufacture of complex tools as well as numerous services.

New building
NEHER Group Gebäude

Another new building (2300 sqm) with production hall, technology center, training workshop and administration offices have being built. The company employs 90 people.


Expansion into the USA. The company Star NEHER LLC is located in Michigan.

30 years NEHER
30 Jahre NEHER

The NEHER GROUP celebrates its 30th company anniversary.

Further expansion of the business area
NEHER Group 3D-Abmessung

Since June 2021, we have been operating in the fields of fixture construction, gauge construction and measurement technology.

Werk 4
NEHER Group Werk

A new production hall is built.

Neher Energy
NEHER Energy Logo

Expansion to include the Neher Energy business segment.

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