Special Tools

polycrystalline diamond

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is currently the dominating cutting material in industrial applications, not least because of its simpler workability compared to pure diamond. PCD is sintered diamond powder in a metallic bonding matrix, joined to a carbide carrier. A grinding or eroding process is used for machining. Toughness and long life are stand-out features of PCD.

Solid carbide tools

For us, carbide serves not only as a base body material, but also as a cutting material. We manufacture all types of solid carbide tools and also offer the optimal CVD or PVD coating for your material and process.

polycrystalline thick film diamond

CVD-D (polycrystalline thick film diamond) is the high-tech cutting material for metal cutting, and outperforms PCD in terms of wear resistance, service life and attainable surface qualities. The cost-effective production of diamond tools is only possible in conjunction with new technologies. Its extreme wear resistance means CVD outperforms all PCD grades several times over. Even for very abrasive materials such as GRP (60% – 80% glass content) and CFRP, the CVD diamond exhibits an impressive, unparalleled tool life.

CBN - cutting material

CBN is a cutting material that is only bettered by diamond in terms of hardness. With the CBN cutting material, it is now possible to use a defined cutting edge to cut ferrous materials previously only cuttable with grinding.


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