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The NEHER GROUP, with business units NEHER DIA and NEHER AUTOMATION, provides the best possible assistance in finding solutions tailored specifically to you.

Precision tools  
Taking enjoyment in perfection precision

We develop diamond precision tools that are an exact fit for your value-add and that can be perfectly integrated into your work process.

Tailor-made solutions are our norm

Benefit from our many years of project experience. As an independent system integrator and turnkey provider, we are at your side with all of our experience.

3D Printing 
Innovative design for the future

We offer you tools with filigree and true-to-dimension structures that have previously not been realisable with conventional methods. There are virtually no bounds as regards precision ad complexity.

Our values


We put faith in our speed and flexibility. Discipline is the basis of corporate courage and the foundation of our success.


We assume responsibility for the quality of results. With quality, we are able to inspire our customers and build up trust.


We offer innovative solutions all the time. At NEHER, innovation is the fusion of leading edge technology and the creativity and passion of our employees. We assume responsibility for the quality of results. With quality, we are able to inspire our customers and build up trust.


We are synonymous with successful and tailor-made customer projects. NEHER is characterised by dedication, commitment, team spirit, application and motivation - traits that have been driving us on for over a quarter of a century.

What sets us apart

What differentiates us is a unique mixture of impeccable customer service and flexibility, as well as loyalty to the region. We are based in Germany, not far from Lake Constance. This is where our products come from and where our employees work. Our commitment to our employees also sets us apart. Not only because every member of the company management team is able to call everybody by their name, but also because all furtherment of a professional nature is supported and encouraged. But it is the solving of specific customer problems that makes us a top performer in business. Our size and flexibility mean we are able to act speedily.




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AMB 2018

22 October 2018
AMB 2018

AMB 2018 review

10th anniversary

12 September 2018
10th anniversary

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Instructor meeting

20 July 2018
Instructor meeting

Instructor meeting at NEHER

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