As the Neher Group, we are your expert for precision tools, fixture construction, automation, additive manufacturing and energy solutions.

Our Expertise

Welcome to Neher Group – your trusted partner for innovative solutions in the fields of precision tools, fixture construction & automation, additive manufacturing and Neher Energy.

Our services are as diverse as our customers’ requirements. With a wealth of experience and tireless dedication, we strive to ensure the highest precision and quality in every phase of our work. At Neher Group, we understand the complexity of modern industrial requirements and offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.





Career with Neher

The greatest asset of our company and the secret of our success are not only the materials and machines, but much more the people behind them. The performance of qualified and motivated employees. They are at the center of everything we do.


The “NEHER” name in metal machining and woodworking is synonymous with high quality custom PCD tools that optimise the production process of gearbox and steering casings, motor blocks and cylinder heads.


Our Instagram gallery is more than just a collection of images. Here we share moments of pride, innovation and collaboration. See our experts in action, explore the fascinating details of our precision tools, experience how we develop complex fixtures and automation solutions, admire the art of additive manufacturing, and discover our latest renewable energy projects.

Frequently asked questions

The NEHER Group offers customized solutions in precision tools, fixture construction, automation, additive manufacturing and energy solutions for various industries. It develops high-precision tools, customized fixtures, automated systems, uses 3D printing technology and works on energy solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Precision tools are specially manufactured tools that are used in industry to carry out highly accurate and precise work. They are used in manufacturing processes to machine materials such as metals, plastics or other materials with maximum accuracy. These tools, such as cutting tools, drills or milling cutters, are manufactured to exact requirements and standards and enable precise cuts, shapes and surface finishes, which contributes to the production of high-quality products.

Fixture construction refers to the development and manufacture of customized devices, fixtures or tools that are used in manufacturing processes. These devices are used to hold, position or process materials to ensure precision and efficiency during production. They are individually manufactured for specific requirements in various industries such as the automotive industry, medical technology or electronics in order to optimize the quality and accuracy of manufacturing processes.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a manufacturing process in which objects are built up layer by layer. Digital models are used to precisely layer materials such as plastics, metals or ceramics and create complex three-dimensional structures. This technology enables the production of customized parts, prototypes or even functional end products with a high degree of flexibility and design freedom. It is used in various industries to produce individual parts, prototypes or complex components.

Sewer rehabilitation tools are special devices and instruments that are used for the repair and maintenance of wastewater or sewer systems. These tools are used to rehabilitate damaged or outdated pipes and sewers in the sewer system without having to replace them completely. Typically, they include robots, milling and cutting tools as well as equipment for the internal coating of pipes. By using such tools, repairs and renovations can be carried out efficiently to extend the service life of sewer systems and restore their functionality.

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