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Our experienced engineers are at your side to develop customized solutions for your photovoltaic system. Whether for agricultural areas, open spaces or building systems – NEHER Energy realizes your visions efficiently and sustainably.

NEHER Energy optimizes your plant through the correct design of storage systems. This allows you to store and effectively use surplus energy to reduce costs and become more independent of external energy sources.

The legal aspects surrounding photovoltaic systems can be complex. NEHER Energy helps you understand all the necessary permits and requirements and ensure that your plant meets all legal requirements.

We support you in finding financially feasible solutions for your project. Whether government subsidies, financing partners or other options – together we will find the right financing for your project.

The NEHER Energy experts take care of the precise implementation of your project. From the installation of the equipment to commissioning, we are at your side with expertise and experience.

To ensure that your system operates efficiently over the long term, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Regular checks and quick repairs ensure smooth operation of your photovoltaic system over the years.

You can keep up to date via our website and social media channels such as Instagram. We regularly publish detailed case studies and updates on our current renewable energy projects on our website and social media feeds so you can follow our progress and innovations. We also offer regular webinars and training sessions to provide interested parties with insights into our work and the latest developments in the industry.

The plants



Self-consumption plants with surplus feed-in Or full feed-in plants. Advantages: Up to 30 kWp, no income taxation. For multi-family houses or 15 kWp per residential or commercial unit, max. residential or commercial unit, max. 100 kWp.


Self-consumption plants with surplus feed-in Or full feed-in plants. Advantages: Up to 30 kWp no income taxation and omission of value added tax. (For multi-family houses 15 kWp/residential unit, max. 100 kWp).

Ground-mounted PV

Remuneration individually via tender, PPAs or direct marketing or own consumption.

Our models

Model 1:

All-round carefree package
We build your plant and transfer it to your inventory after commissioning.

Model 2:

Efficiency package
We support you in the planning, projecting and financing of your plant. You take care of the execution and awarding of contracts etc. yourself.

Model 3:

Without risk package
You provide us with suitable land and we pay you a lease. You have no expense and receive an annual contractually secured income.

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