standard tools

NEHMO LongLife

Additively manufactured PCD up-cut milling cutter with optimized cooling for min. 30% longer tool life. Especially suitable for series production.

Nehmo Dual

Additively manufactured PCD arbor milling cutter that is both MWF and MQL capable.

Neher Hybrid

PCD/ PCBN hybrid tool developed for difficult working conditions. The carbide tangential plates pre-machine the contaminated, inhomogeneous surface, while the fixed brazed PCD segments are responsible for finishing and guarantee long tool life and defined surfaces.

Drill slot cutter

For numerous standard machining operations in all non-ferrous metals, plastics and fiber composites, we offer PCD and CVD shank tools for high surface and tool life requirements.

Tools for fiber composites

Tools specially developed for machining fiber composites ensure high accuracies and the best possible machining qualities.

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