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Our comprehensive range of services reflects the versatility of our valued customers’ requirements. Through years of experience and unwavering commitment, we are passionate about achieving the highest levels of precision and quality in all project phases. At the Neher Group, we understand the complex challenges faced by modern industrial companies and develop individual solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experts work hand in hand with you to develop innovative and efficient approaches that exceed your expectations. With us, you not only get first-class services, but also a reliable partner who understands your vision and works with you to make it a reality. Rely on our expertise to take your business to the next level.

Precision tools

Jig and Fixture &

Additive Manufacturing


Our precision tools: Immerse yourself in the world of the highest accuracy and efficiency. Our precision tools set standards in the manufacturing industry by ensuring the highest quality and durability. Rely on our expertise when it comes to tools that optimize your production processes.

Jig & fixture construction & automation: Innovative solutions and services in jig and fixture construction and automation are the key to an efficient and smooth production process. Our experts develop customized fixtures and automation solutions that increase your productivity and optimize manufacturing processes.

Additive Manufacturing: The world of additive manufacturing is dynamic and revolutionary. At Neher Group, we use cutting-edge technologies to manufacture complex components with unmatched precision. Our dedicated team enables you to realize innovative designs and turn your ideas into reality.

Neher Energy: The future belongs to renewable energy, and at Neher Energy we are pioneers in this field. We develop and implement sustainable energy solutions that are not only environmentally friendly, but also increase your energy efficiency. Rely on us to shape the energy of your future with our services.

FAQ about our services

Our precision tools are the result of years of research and development. They are characterized by the highest accuracy, durability and efficiency. We use state-of-the-art technologies to produce tools that meet the highest industrial standards.

Yes, at Neher Group we develop customized fixtures and automation solutions that are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. Our experts analyze your production processes and develop solutions that not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also enable cost efficiency and flexibility.

We use advanced additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing to produce complex components with high precision. Our team of specialists is experienced in working with different materials and printing processes to achieve optimal results. In addition, we rely on innovative design approaches to fully exploit the power of additive manufacturing.

Yes, Neher Group is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. Not only do we offer comprehensive consulting and implementation services for sustainable energy solutions, but we also help you optimize your energy consumption. From solar installations to energy-efficient lighting systems, we develop customized solutions for a greener future.

You can keep up to date via our website and social media channels such as Instagram. We regularly publish detailed case studies and updates on our current renewable energy projects on our website and social media feeds so you can follow our progress and innovations. We also offer regular webinars and training sessions to provide interested parties with insights into our work and the latest developments in the industry.

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