06 March 2019


The manufacturing process for the future

The NEHER GROUP has recognized the possibilities of additive manufacturing at an early stage and to date has invested in several metal and plastic printers. In the initial phase, it soon became apparent that there was more to "printing" of components, especially in the metal sector, than simply pressing the start button. To date, NEHER GROUP has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in additive manufacturing. Are made tools with special requirements such. For example special cooling channel geometries, lightweight constructions, backwash or complete backwashing and much more.

Also, the cost of resources could be reduced by the production relocation to the "3D printer" instead of the purchase or conventional manufacturing. In addition, NEHER GROUP also supplies customers. Whether it is rapid prototyping in the aluminum sector or functional components that are subsequently installed - more and more customers are seeing significant cost advantages compared to machining or mold making. We are happy to support you in the development and implementation of your ideas. Further information can be found in our flyer "Additive Manufacturing".


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