Diamond tools


PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is currently the dominating cutting material in industrial applications, not least because of its simpler workability compared to pure diamond. PCD is sintered diamond powder in a metallic bonding matrix, joined to a carbide carrier. A grinding or eroding process is used for machining. Toughness and long life are stand-out features of PCD.

Rebore drills

We design tailored to your process PCD monoblock rebore tools, and as ISO cutting inserts. These types of rebore tools enable you to attain the highest of borehole qualities within short process times.

Circular cutters

Our PCD circular cutters with sophisticated cutting geometries offer you the best of tool lives. We have been able to notch up a number of successes over recent years, particularly in combining several machining processes. It enables us to claim that making multi-step H6 quality clearance holes using Neher tools is a must for our customers.


Multi-blade reaming concepts, as well as precision boring tools with guide strips, have been amongst the top products from the Neher Group for several years. Be it in the form of a monoblock tool or an adjustable reamer with guide strips.

Face-milling cutters

The monolithic Neher Nehmo block miller keeps its promises. With diameters from 16 to 160, it is available as the most diverse of variants, polished section forms and interfaces. For face-milling cutting, especially with allowance and high cutting depths to 5 mm, the NEHMO system makes possible the absolute best results. There is no need for tedious adjustments of individual cutters. Axial run-out accuracies lower than 5 µ make possible absolute top quality surfaces with a broad power spectrum.

PCD exchangeable head system

The Neher PCD exchangeable head system enables you to change the PCD head in just a few minutes.  This has many benefits.

  • Customers are able to change the exchangeable head by themselves on site without any great overhead.
  • Because the main wear occurs primarily on the front cutter, we have lower regrinding costs for the other blades.
  • Attachments can be exchanged as required and are also compatible with other geometries.

Counterboring tools

PCD counterboring tools play a key role in the cutting applications of today. Boring-counterboring combinations from Neher are being deployed more and more. The focus here lies on cost-effectiveness and reliable process function. We offer standard counterboring tools and custom solutions in line with your requirements.

Combination tools

Savings in production costs are becoming more and more the focus. There are several ways to save these costs. We pay our attention here to the combination of different processes. Neher combination tools offer you customer-specific solutions tailored to your machining processes.


CVD-D (polycrystalline thick film diamond) is the high-tech cutting material for metal cutting, and outperforms PCD in terms of wear resistance, service life and attainable surface qualities. The cost-effective production of diamond tools is only possible in conjunction with new technologies. Its extreme wear resistance means CVD outperforms all PCD grades several times over. Even for very abrasive materials such as GRP (60% - 80% glass content) and CFRP, the CVD diamond exhibits an impressive, unparalleled tool life.

Milling tools

High level of hardness and sharp cutting mean long tool lives – this argument alone speaks in favour of the CVD synthesis technology. With it, we have been making tools for years that are able to boast high performance, long tool life and particular geometry flexibility. Our tools with lasered CVD plates also cut carbon and glass fibre materials without burr – and so open up completely new possibilities for machining composites.


CBN is a cutting material that is only bettered by diamond in terms of hardness. With the CBN cutting material, it is now possible to use a defined cutting edge to cut ferrous materials previously only cuttable with grinding.


Hohe Härte und scharfe Schneiden bedeuten hohe Standzeiten – schon dieses Argument spricht für die Technologie der CVD-Synthese. Mit ihr stellen wir schon seit Jahren Werkzeuge her, die durch ihre hohe Leistungsfähigkeit und Lebensdauer sowie ihre besondere Geometrie-Flexibilität überzeugen. Unsere Werkzeuge mit gelaserten CVD-Platten zerspanen auch Kohle- und Glasfasermaterialien ohne Gratbildung – und bieten so ganz neue Möglichkeiten bei der Bearbeitung von Composites.

ISO indexable inserts as

PCD, CVD and CBN variants

ISO indexable inserts

Our ISO indexable inserts offer a high level of precision. Be it for reboring, precision boring or inside/outside turning tools. Be it for non-ferrous metals, synthetics, CFRP, GRP or graphite.

NEHER also offers CBN cutting plates for these applications - GG, GGG, chilled casting, sprayed alloys and hardened steel (from 45HRC).

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