The core business of our company is symbolised by our trademark, the diamond - tools made of polycrystalline diamond. Their hardness and high abrasion resistance mean they are particularly well suited for cutting lightweight construction materials such as aluminium and magnesium alloys, and composite materials. They exhibit cutting data and tool lives barely attainable by other cutting materials.

Our expertise lies in particular with custom tools developed as part of intensive collaboration with the customer. Circular, face-milling and profile cutters, step reamers, and rebore, combination and counterboring tools are made for example, with which customers optimise their production processes. Our customers work in the most diverse of sectors - from the automotive sector and electronics industry to the energy sector. Our tools are just as individual as our customers. Beyond the PCD sector, we also deliver tools made of solid carbide and the seminal CVD and CBN materials. Also, tools made using a 3D printing process are new to our portfolio.

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