Leak testing

We know from our experience as an independent system integrator and turnkey provider that leak and function tests take on a key function in the value-add for our customers. This is why we handle the process ourselves and do not leave it to third parties.

Increase the level of your value-add with our leak and function test systems and detect defective components early on.

We offer custom leak test systems that can be used to test individual components or complete assemblies. All of our leak test systems feature a modular and innovative system concept. It comprises a base station with controller and safety system, and a module dependent upon the workpiece type. This set-up means we can offer a flexible and cost-effective solution, especially to customers having a particularly high diversity of variants. The tooling time here is shorter than 30 seconds and no additional tools are required for tooling. For the solution to the fairly complex issue of leak testing, an experienced team assists you in the selection of a suitable test method and defining the test parameters. 

Benefit from our many years of project experience. As an independent system integrator and turnkey provider, we are at your side with all of our experience. Ask us for the best solution for your application.

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