Training cooperation program in Ostrach:

Four companies, one goal: Youth development

Youth development is paramount in the community of Ostrach.

We have joined forces with three other companies to form a training cooperation program, and are thereby strengthening our employer branding.  
HFM Modell- und Formenbau GmbH in Kalkreute and ourselves, the NEHER GROUP in Einhart, as medium-sized toolmaking and mechanical engineering companies, together with HFM subsidiary Schnetz Modell- und Formenbau GmbH and Tegos GmbH, a specialist in door and foldaway module for motorhomes, both based in Ostrach.  
Together, we are looking to offer young people a wide-ranging training alternative through the diversity of our production processes.

What is behind it?

During their training, the apprentices carry out alternate practical work at the partner firms, getting to know the value-add chains of other companies. They also broaden their knowledge spectrum and gain more important practical experience with this sharing of disciplines across companies.

Meanwhile, for our commitment to the training cooperation program, we are honoured to have been awarded certificates in the category “Socially committed” as part of the “For social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg” awards for medium-sized businesses.

Land Auf Schwung

If you have any questions about the training cooperation program, please contact our Personnel Manager Yvonne Simon.

Contact: Ms. Simon  
Phone: +49 (29)7585/ 93206 - 0  

Ostrach training cooperation program on Facebook  

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